LCDDIA Objectives

The objects of the Association are:-

  1.  To encourage a high standard of service and to ensure that the public is aware that members of this association aspire to such levels.  All members must maintain a high standard of professional conduct to their students and fellow association members at all times.

  2.  To form an Advisory Council, to provide existing and potential Driving Instructors with help and advice on any issues that arises within the industry, by maintaining a working relationship with the relevant organisations.

  3.  To provide a facility to air grievances and comment about Examiners standards and practices without there being a detrimental effect on individual Instructors.  Grievances about an individual Examiner must be received by more than one member.

  4.  To provide a facility for the SE(ADI) and other Examiners to be able to comment in general on Instructors and their standards and practices.  All members to give respect to visiting speakers from DVSA and any other Bodies.

  5.  To provide backup to Instructors who fall sick and cannot continue instructing their pupils.  Other members will take on those pupils on the understanding that when the Instructor can resume teaching, his/her pupils will be returned to him/her.  A list of members, telephone numbers and contact details can be found in the profile.

  6.  To use the purchasing potential of the Association to obtain the best available discounts for all services necessary to purchase and maintain their Driving Schools and vehicles.

  7.  To promote public awareness of the Association and of its members by whatever means possible.


The reporting of any errors would be much appreciated.


Lewes Coastal District

Driving Instructors Association