LCDDIA. Embrace Life



Through the hard work of the following people, Embrace Life took the journey from concept to reality.


Writer/Director: Daniel Cox

Producer: Sarah Alexander

Executive Producer: Neil Hopkins



Father: Austin Spangler
Mother: Lara Corrochano
Daughter: Clare Denning



Composer: Siddhartha Barnhoorn


Assistant Director/ Production

1st Assistant Director: Lucy Wigmore
Assistant Producer: Vicky Del Campo
Runner: Tom Harburt



Director of Photography: Luke Scott
Phantom Technician: Jason Berman
Focus Puller: John Mitchell
Gaffer: John Cantwell
Spark: Gary Nagle
Camera assistant: Steve Mayhew


Art Department:

Production Designer: Aoife Wilson
Art Director: James Custance
Storyboards: Peter Johnston


Hair and Make-up

Make-up Designer: Victoria Riches
Hair Stylist: Haylie Jay


Set Build:

Construction Manager: Callum Andrews
Transport Captain: Bernard Cox



Editor: Daniel Cox
Colorist: Pat Wintersgill
Graphics Designer: Laylah Driscoll - Insert Graphics


Marketing and Promotion lead: Neil Hopkins

Communications Team: Mims Davies and Steve Whitehead


Very Special Thanks: Laylah Driscoll

Special Thanks to

Take 2 Films, Dan Thomas, Stephanie Morgan, Mark Purvis, Mark Rafferty, Tyronne, Rowena Siorvanes, Panalux, Ashley Wing, Chris Stribbling, Rigby Andrews, Gordon Russell and Halliford Studios


The reporting of any errors would be much appreciated.


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